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Quakebook on LinkedIn

28 Mar

Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with Quakebook.

We are now on LinkedIn – join us!

We have a final book cover!

28 Mar

This in no way undermines the logo, but it is the final book cover that you will soon be able to enjoy on your preferred device when Quakebook goes on sale digitally in a day or two.

All about the logo

28 Mar

Our awesome logo designer, @marikurisato, has put down her art tools to tell you where the logo came from:

“The logo inspiration came almost immediately. The whole country was affected. That fact demanded a symbol of nationality, without using stereotypical imagery (no samurai for example). Therefore I researched the color of Japan’s modern National Flag as the most basic perimeter. I wanted to resist an image that showed quake damage, or a wound, but rather hinted at the strength in the most fundamentally universal image of helping someone up.

“My usual style is very detailed, but I wanted to minimize a specific ethnic group, and rather project a humanity wide effort, which is why the arms are silhouettes coming from outside the flag’s “sun” image. Then it was a matter of refining the image to it’s most basic shapes, without dehumanizing the sensation. I hope it conveys not just an emotion, but a sense of purpose and action.

“I actually felt almost feverish, as if I was just watching myself work from the outside, being controlled by the idea.”


Japan Times will print excerpts tomorrow

28 Mar

Yes, it is now time to read Quakebook. In a few hours, the Japan Times will publish excerpts from the book.

We can’t wait! Thank you to the Times for its support.

Is Quakebook ahead of its time?

28 Mar

Well, yes. Obviously. No-one has ever done anything like this before!

However, for the observant amongst you, the reason our first blog post is dated 2018 is to keep that particular post at the top so everyone understands what Quakebook is from the start. All new posts come below that.

Thanks to @AqParavane for querying the logic of this!! It’s a Blogger thing.

Earthquake and Tsunami Photos on Flickr

28 Mar

Photos from Quakebook supporters are now on Flickr. Thanks to @taotsu for setting it up.

How did Quakebook begin?

28 Mar

Everyone who writes about, reports on or buys #Quakebook is going to have one simple question: how did this all start?

So, after some searching around, I traced the origin of Quakebook – both the name and the original idea. Here is the series of tweets from @ourmaninabiko that will answer the questions you all have.

When you buy your copy of Quakebook, you’ll see that the first three tweets below have been given the first page in the book, opposite the copyright listings. That’s how important these words are to us, to this project. They formed the germ of the idea for everything we have done since.

Within 4 minutes, the idea was being fleshed out:

And a mere 17 minutes later, we find where the original inspiration came from:

So, that should give every reader and journalist the information they require about how this started!

And where did the name come from?

It was pointed out quite quickly, by @marikurisato, that he had the hashtag right there!

You may note that the 74 submissions had come in a mere 15 hours from the original idea. Which says something about the power of the Internet and those who use it. And how willingly people from around the world jumped in to help those in Japan, who despite all they were going through, also found the time and energy to write about their experiences. Now, there are just hours to wait to Buy the Book!

The Editing is Finished!!

28 Mar

To all those who have done a truly amazing job on the edit – a massive round of applause. And may you all now enjoy a much earned chance to sleep.

So, to @ourmaninabiko, @thatdanryan, @whatwhated, @sandrajapandra, @shogannai, @robertodevido @Rosencrantz_M

Three cheers from all the #quakebook supporters around the world.

(I hope I haven’t missed anyone – apologies if I have).

Next step is the meeting with Amazon tomorrow…….

Quakebook Wordle

28 Mar

Thanks to @cyberdoyle for generating a Wordle for us.

Please follow @quakebook

27 Mar

It really is that simple! Show your support for #quakebook by following @quakebook

Without twitter, we would not be where we are today!