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Quakebook number crunching: The story so far

31 Jul

Some numbers you all might be interested in:

30,666 people have downloaded 2:46 Aftershocks – Stories from the Japan Earthquake for Kindle.
$43,099.95 has been raised directly from the ebook alone.
3,000 The number of copies of the paperback Amazon will produce 100% cost free for benefit of the Red Cross
1,000 copies of bilingual Quakebook edition by Goken sold in June alone.
865 downloads of Quakebook from Sony up to June.

Incalculable: The total amount of donations made by people moved by the stories; the amount of awareness of the meaning of 2:46 to Japan and the world; the difference it has made to the people directly affected by the disaster to know that people care.

To all who have bought a copy, read a copy, donated, worked on the project or just told others about it:

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


And there is more news to come…

Quakebook: We're going green!

24 Jul

I’m delighted to announce that the bilingual edition of 2:46 – Stories from the Japan Earthquake (that’s Quakebook to you and me) has been chosen as Hotel Green Plaza’s book for their nationwide charity campaign GREEN YELL. What that means is Quakebook is the featured book at lobbies and gift shops in Hotel Green Plaza’s 14 resort hotels throughout Japan through the summer.

That means hundreds of thousands of Japanese will have a chance to see and buy Quakebook. Many thanks to the good folks at Hotel Green Plaza. Welcome to the book business!

And, don’t forget, from now on, every copy of the bilingual Quakebook sold means at least ¥900 goes directly to the Japanese Red Cross. No one but the victims of the tsunami and earthquake profit from sales of Quakebook.

Carry on all, and stay tuned for further updates.