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Japanese-English hardback Quakebook available worldwide

4 Nov

In response to the many people around the world who said they wanted to order the bilingual Quakebook, thanks to the Herculian efforts of Tim Burland, Tamio Okumura, Goken publishers and Lightning Source printers… I’m delighted to announce that the bilingual Japanese and English edition is now available in the United States on Amazon right here and Barnes and Noble right here for $19.99 or less.

And what’s more, you can order the book from any bookshop in the world, just quote the ISBN – 978-4-87615-422-7, though this might take a little while, you would be doing business with your local shop and would avoid any shipping fees.

Though there are print and distribution costs with the print-on-demand hardback, as always, no money goes to anyone at Quakebook from this. All profits go directly to the Japan Red Cross, no one at Quakebook touches a penny.

So now you know what to buy your folks this Christmas, right?