Buy Quakebook at a Japanese bookstore today!

14 Jun

The Bilingual Paperback edition is available in stores across Japan from today!

[Download press release]

Please print out the message below (or display it on your phone screen) and bring it to your nearest bookstore. Enter (or say) the number of copies you want in the blank, then show it to the person at the register or the information counter to order your copies of Quakebook.

単行本『2:46 Aftershocks 午後2時46分 すべてが変わった』(語研刊 本体価格1,400円 ISBN978-4-87615-237-7)を____部注文します。

Remember – ordering in your local bookstore is important! It helps expose Quakebook to more people and spread the word. Simply ordering online loses that value, so only do so if you can’t get to a bookstore :).

2 Responses to “Buy Quakebook at a Japanese bookstore today!”

  1. lily west July 27, 2011 at 05:04 PM #

    Not until I bought your worthwhile book did I realise that the money would go into the coffers of Nihon Sekijuji. Unfortunately, given their less-than-open track record, that is where it could well stay, instead of reaching the victims themselves. Perhaps you could do a followup with them as to what it was actually used for to reassure me and others?

  2. Our Man in Abiko July 30, 2011 at 11:19 PM #

    It pains me to see the Japanese Red Cross sitting on their backsides with the funds too. I will say this though:

    1, When I chose a charity, one week after the quake, the Japanese Red Cross seemed the best choice.
    2. I can’t reinvent the wheel. I’ve tried, doing DIY help with, for example. But it ain’t as easy as it looks.
    3. There is another, potentially more valuable side to Quakebook, that is, it spreads awareness: it records this moment so that none can forget and allows the writers to express their feelings. These are all valid reasons to buy the book, no matter the Red Cross’s failings.
    4. We will hold them accountable, and will not forget any injustices.