Buy your Quakebook paperback NOW!

11 Jun

Just got a message from the cafe–latte–filled corridors of power, and the news is this:

You can buy the paperback edition of Quakebook RIGHT NOW from, right here.

It costs $11.99. Shipping is extra, but Amazon will send every last penny of that $11.99 to the Red Cross, for the first 3,000 copies, at least.

So, for all you long–suffering Quakebook fans — you have two options right now:

  1. You can buy the English language paperback (it’s a print on demand, so there are no wasted unsold copies) from the US of A, and they will ship anywhere in the world.
  2. If you are in Japan, go to your local bookshop and order the bilingual (English and Japanese edition). Just quote the ISBN: 978–4–87615–237–7 and they will order it for you. It’s released on June 14th – Tuesday, and we want as many bookstores to carry it as possible. Or order from — here if you promise you don’t know any bookshops near you.

So, you got that? Buy your print Quakebook now! Buy early, buy often, but just buy, OK?

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