The Shimmer of the Sword [Poem and Art]

28 Apr

The shimmer of the sword

There settles a silence and a whispering breeze

The hairs upon the arms stand tall

As if antennas suddenly sensed it all

Or were the tremors that rattled within the skin of our bodies

Mixed with violent beats of the heart

Just becoming frozen in time

These photographs, only give you a tear

Whereas the fate that rests upon my family and the families of others

Encases the reality of chaos and the stench of destruction

While temperatures boil through the blazing home of our neighbors

Frustration, rippling through the earth’s mantle

Rocking the core like a mother claiming her justice

In the ocean the whirlpool’s begun the chaotic dismantling of infrastructures

From piers, through the streets, beyond the front door, ending within our soul

The blade has given an honor, moment of patience and saddened sorrow

These characters that violently inscroll upon the silky surface of our heritage

This, is a moment when anger, strength, and who you are needs to be known

Yell, yell, so all may hear

Of the shimmering blade that has struck

This blade so honorary, so noble in virtue

Accepting that what the world is witnessing

Is the purest form of human life, human life

As the shimmering of the sword settles

Submitted by: Jason Teves

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