Verse for a Lucky Island [Poem]

24 Jun

Open up the ground we walk;
This Earth has sought to make it known
Despite our smarts and all our talk
We fall by tremor, water thrown.

A power smacks of anger, brings
Destruction’s wave to our feet
A hand that comes to take all things
Then leave us little but defeat.

All this, yet somehow discontent
Fate decides to scare us still
For handmade power waters went
To loosen further dangers’ yield.

So much of that we knew became
Laid to waste by earth and sea
Yet through the loss the heart remains
Willing return of life, of peace.

Whilst one could sooner close his eyes
Lay down with strain these days have brought
Touched by tears that one has cried
Others band, take up the cause.

For now fate holds us in her wake
Since shaking us from what we’ve known
But from our heart she will not take
Away our Lucky Island,

Submitted by: Nicholas Bartlett

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